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What’s SSO and Why You Should Care

SSO, Single Sign-On, is the reference to using 1 password to login for numerous accounts. Google adopted single sign-on across all Google properties many years back, but what about all of the other accounts? There’s MailChimp, Moz, GoDaddy, WP Engine, Lasso, WordPress, DocuSign, the list goes on. Now multiply the list of passwords by the number of hands, vendors, clients, engineers, marketing, etc…

What’s your process if a disgruntled employee, vendor, client, decides to stick it to you? Or worse, the credentials fall into hands of the unknown?

SSO remedies all of the worry associated with securing your accounts.


Tower33’s Adoption of SSO

When integrating SSO to our team it was a relatively easy process, with only a few grumbles about “something new”. We began with and still use Bitium, although many solutions appeared to do the same thing for a similar price point.

Since differentiation wasn’t very clear, we chose the solution with the easiest to use and navigate. One additional benefit we’ve experienced with Bitium is their responsiveness for adding connections to apps or sites that are outside of the existing net.


How it Works

You’ll create and use a single login, for yourself, your team, your vendors, contractors etc. The process for logging into a tool or account will be as easy as logging in to this one system, and selecting the account you want to access. The system automatically logs the user in without revealing the login or password.



Working with incoming and outgoing team members is a breeze, create the account, assign access and everyone’s good to go. Have a contractor closing out a project and don’t want to change all of the passwords and circulate updates to all team members – just remove their access through the tool. Have a password breach or notification that a password must be updated – simply update once through the tool and all access is up-to-date.



I’ve seen far too many first-hand experiences where 1 password is used for all points across a business’s accounts, the risk in doing this is more than we recommend having. For our own company security, and for that of our partners, we feel grateful to have found solutions that keep our security up-to-speed with the ways of the world.