Helping Mid-Tier Advertisers Create Profits With Paid Ads

We’re small by design

We like to think of ourselves as more of an anti-agency than an actual agency. We don’t set our goals or make decisions around finding more clients and constantly growing our team.

For most agencies, the ongoing focus is finding new clients and adding more people to the team. We know first-hand, from every agency we ever worked at, and from nearly a decade of running Tower33 – we were there once as well, following blindly with what we thought we were supposed to do.

The result of that is lower quality work, burnt-out employees, and taking any client you can find.

That doesn’t fit us. Not the goals we have, the experience we want for our days, or the experience we want to deliver for our clients.

So we changed everything: our team structure, the services we support, our approach, and pricing.

This shift changed us – not just the model – but the enjoyment we again found in our work.

Our team structure

We realized the most important aspect of a campaign's success is the strategic leadership.

You need the most experienced strategic lead overseeing all aspects of your campaigns, and someone that is genuinely accountable for your success.

In our case, that’s our founder
and CEO, Anthony Miller.

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Anthony serves as your lead strategist, your ongoing point of communication and your project manager, ensuring all the necessary work is done and correctly.

Your experience working with us starts and ends with Anthony, and although you’ll see and encounter other team members, you’ll have one point of contact accountable for your success.

How do we get you results?

Our driving force has always been about impact, return, and real results.

Since we started the agency in 2013, we’ve been continually refining and improving how our internal structure and process can best support our client’s campaign performance.

From our first day working together, our immediate focus is on gaining a deep understanding of your business and your customers. We don’t spend time developing personas or other extravagant hype, just a deep knowledge of all things that will allow us to serve the campaigns and make the best decisions on your behalf.

We do extensive work researching, structuring, and planning our campaigns from the start. The simplest summary of what we do that separates us from everyone else is our ability to manage and control who we target and the messages they see, all while controlling the ad network configurations to best serve the goals.

In a current world where ad networks want to control how you spend money, it’s our job to maintain control of the levers that matter, and not let the ad networks have free run with our budgets.

As we work in ongoing management of the campaigns we’re constantly analyzing and refining where and how budgets are used for the maximum return. We report to you every week on performance, analysis findings, and status on action items in motion.

Who we work with

With a limit of 15 clients – and a focus on providing the best ROI on your campaigns – we know we can’t work with everyone.

Our refined process allows us to analyze and refine an account consistently but requires a certain level of data and activity, which we define as more than $25,000 in ad spend per month. That’s not a hard line, but a rough gauge as a starter.

Another gauge is your company and marketing department. We work best with CEOs that have little internal resources, or smaller marketing teams that need outside support for paid customer acquisition.

Even across various industries, our campaigns all focus on similar goals and outcomes – create leads or drive web sales with b2c-oriented audiences.

The typical stuff

We’ve won many awards and honestly could have way more hardware on our shelves if we put the time and effort into winning them. We’d prefer to spend our time serving our clients and enjoying life outside the office.

What to expect working with us

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How much does it cost to work with us?

Hiring an internal team like ours to run your campaigns would cost more than $250,000 per year in salary expenses alone.

— or —

you could hire us for a fraction of that cost, with fewer headaches, far greater impact, and still get an expert team that cares about your success.

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