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Increase Your Organic Traffic Immediately!

Let’s start with a caveat, if you don’t have any existing page 1 rankings on a search engine today, this post won’t be of much help to you. Sorry!

This title could also read “Improve your organic traffic by click-through-rate improvements” – simply saying, if you get more clicks from positions you already have, it will lead to immediately getting more traffic.

How To Do It

If your goal is to increase click-through-rate, not position, then look at what impacts organic (or any online advertisement’s) click-through-rate.

Obvious Targets

Title – This is the headline of your ad, and although it needs to reflect the relevance to the page’s content, it also needs to read well and speak to the intention of the potential visitor.
Description – This is the primary message and the only real estate devoted to your “sales pitch”. Why should I click on this ad vs another ad? Is it more in line with my expectations or what I’m looking for?

Additional Options

Schema – depending on your business, the page content, and other factors, Schema can be leveraged to help in acquiring real estate that other listings many times won’t have. Studies have shown an ad in the #3 position can outperform the #1 listing by having a better all-around ad which utilizes schema

Wrapping It Up

So, if you have a cluster of pages that rank in say the 2-5 position currently, and you’re looking for additional organic traffic, evaluate where ad copy updates and Schema improvements can be made that will result in CTR (click through rate) gains and the resulting increase in traffic.

Final caveat – if the terms you’re fighting for have 1,000 searches per month, an increase of 1% on click-through-rate might not mean all that much, but hey, it’s still something. On the flip-side, if you have terms with 100,000 monthly searches or more, what are you waiting for? Your customers await!