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Take me out to the ball game.

Ahhhh baseball, the timeless American sport. Is there any better way to spend a warm afternoon in the summer? If the surf isn’t any good, then no, there isn’t. At least, if you ask most of us at T33, that’s probably the answer you would receive. We make it a point to get out of the office for an afternoon every now and then for some fun outside of our normal 9-5 setting. This time, it was to watch the Houston Astros vs the Padres in what might have been the shortest baseball game any of us has ever seen.The game lasted maybe 3 hours tops.

For us, creating team outings is an important part of curating a natural company culture. This goes beyond doing a typical happy hour. Getting people out of the office helps them feel refreshed and creative. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant event; find something that is happening around your city and check it out. Sometimes, this comes in the form of impromptu doughnut runs, while other times it’s more planned out like the baseball game. Either way, it helps everyone to feel restored and get to know each other better whether you’ve been with your company for 5 years or just started last week (which was my case for the baseball game.) I got to know my new coworkers over America’s favorite pastime, hot dogs and a beer – which definitely made me feel more welcomed and comfortable with my new team. How cool is that?