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Leucadia 101 Artwalk

The 11th Annual LeucadiArt Walk was held on August 30th 2015, featuring local artists, open air trolley transportation, live mural painting, children’s art pavilion and much more. This type of event is very aligned with the Tower33 brand, supporting and promoting local business alongside creative and artistic expressions.

Having become a business member of the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association, we were notified of the sponsor opportunities and immediately offered up our support. Our efforts beyond the financial contribution focused on spreading the word and showing our support for the organization and everything the event stands for. While in promotion mode for the event, Leucadia 101 covered Tower33  and the commissioned artwork that we had completed by local artist, Alan Casagrande.

We ran into Alan’s work at Shatto and Sons, next to Mozy Cafe in Leucadia, one day while waiting for a lunch order. His artwork and cartoonized depictions on local fixtures seemed like a perfectly fitting style to have done for our office. It didn’t take Alan long to get the feeling of what would work in our space and to have the original 24×11 (properly sized to fit a large entry wall in the office).

Seeing these worlds come together, our appreciation for local businesses and art -with our art installation from Alan and our partnership with the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association- seemed like a perfectly fitting event for Tower33 to support.

We look forward to participating in this event for many years to come. If you weren’t able to check out the 2015 event, follow the Leucadia 101 Art Walk page for the 2016 event details here: