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The Friday Cultural Shuffle #foodiefriday #siestafriday #creativesessions

At Tower33 we pride ourselves around our company and culture, implementing different initiatives each aimed at serving our core mantra – Do Good. Be Great.

One of the first initiatives implemented was a weekly decompression time, spent taking the team to lunch each week. It was definitely more than just lunch though. This was dedicated time outside of the office with our co-workers, time to get to know each other, and to talk about something other than work for a while.

Having an office in Leucadia on Coast Highway is great for food options, but it didn’t take long to start seeing how eating a heavy lunch every week, many times with drinks, just wasn’t always ideal. All it took was the mention of a new replacement program, something coined #siestafriday, for everyone to jump on board.



The #siestafriday change felt great, switching to more outdoor use of the time and enjoying the beach right out the door.

It seems our Friday efforts are destined to be a rotating door of sorts, as #siestafriday soon moved over for #creativesessions.

Then in no time flat, #foodiefriday is back making regular appearances…


“The realization and takeaway for us; an ongoing regularly scheduled agenda isn’t as exciting as a seat of the pants call about what we feel like doing.”

Keeping the rotation open and at our disposal whether we feel like vegging with heavy food and some drinks, an afternoon break with surfing and wiffleball on the beach, or a creative sesh sharing knowledge and creativity. #foodiefriday – #siestafriday – #creativesessions