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Chargers Beat The Broncos

Tower33 is filled with passionate sports fans, most being born and/or raised in San Diego – the Padres and Chargers have a special place in our hearts. San Diego sports have never been very good to us but we’ve been conditioned, season after season, to handle sub-par results. Regardless of expectations, we were all very excited to shut our laptops for the afternoon and head down to the Q (Qualcomm Stadium) for some Thursday Night Football.



As the newest addition to the Tower33 team, it was a great opportunity to get to know my coworkers – with the help of some $9 beers. Most of my fellow millennials would agree that culture is one of the most important aspects to consider in a job, and outings like these help to build that culture. Agency culture is talked about a lot in our industry, but few companies really get it right. Maybe because it’s a tricky concept to define to begin with. The Creative Group defined it well by saying it’s the combination of a company’s vision, values, and actions. Most agencies have done a good job of defining their values but too often you come across employees who struggle identifying any of them.


“Do Good. Be Great”. Simple, memorable, and very powerful. As business professionals, we all want to be subject experts in our fields and find success in our careers. But using our talents to do good in our community and for our clients is just as important. Having a job you truly love is the product of this simple formula. At Tower33, these values are not repeated to us but are enforced through the actions of our leadership and the work we get to do for our clients. And oh yeah… the Chargers won!


Update as of 1/12 – Let it be known that Tower33 will not be supporting the LA Chargers. Okay, its on the record.