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Veyo Transportation

Driver Demand Generation For Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Veyo is a proven, end-to-end solution to the logistics challenge of NEMT (non emergency medical transportation).

Campaign goals and objectives

The backbone of Veyo’s operation is a healthy and active network of drivers, much like what you’d see for Uber or Lyft. With coverage in more than 6 different major metro areas, Veyo began working with Tower33 to manage and run all of the paid advertising campaigns in support of driver acquisition.

The basic goal of the campaign was registration volume, but considerate to making budgets go as far as possible, this hindered around managing CPR (cost per registration) metrics to allocate budgets most effectively across our campaign options.

Strategic summary

Our campaign focused on intent-based and BOF (bottom of the funnel) targeting. We developed campaign coverage using a few main ad networks that enable targeting based on search and intent history. This meant getting segmented ads in front of people because they were actively searching in search engines for jobs, or were actively searching other websites in search of work – specific to jobs like driving or rideshare work.


Cost per registration numbers reached all time lows for search and social networks, with many campaigns under $10 in registration costs for a completed registration, all supported by conversion rates of 15%-25%.

15%+ conversion rates
$10 cost per acquisition

Using paid acquisition channels, and the partnership efforts with Tower33, Veyo was able to create a driver acquisition model that scales and expands with demand, meeting the needs of each region.

“Working with Anthony and the team at Tower33 has been a wonderful experience - it really shows how much they care about us and our results. Over the years of working together they've helped refine our tracking, develop and test new programs, and reach new levels of performance across our campaigns. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional and caring campaign experts.”
- Sarah Kuntsal // VP of Marketing Veyo Transportation
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