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Premier Fitness Camp

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PFC Fitness Camp provides the only accelerated weight loss program with University validation. With facilities at the Omni Resort La Costa in North County San Diego, guests enjoy a blend of transformative health programs mixed with the coastal vibes and wellness spa available on-site.

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Campaign goals and objectives

The goal for the initiative was to drastically improve the overall conversion rate, improve the quality scores resulting in ad spend reduction, increase the number of leads generated for the sales team and most importantly, increase monthly booked revenue.

As an existing partner of ours this effort had a unique POV as there was a less clear start and end date to an official campaign, speaking to the truth that campaigns are never complete but are a constant evolution to find better ways to solve our customer’s problems.

Strategic summary

The obvious hurdles were present here as are with most projects, how much time it takes to rethink and redevelop large portions of a program, in addition to getting all team member’s buy-in to reworking a program that’s not broken as it stands now.

Beyond that we had to think about the industry and the buying behavior in the space. With any promotion of leisure and travel activities, the primary hurdle and obstacle faced is with regard to inspiring and relating on a level which creates an interest. Allowing someone to imagine themselves on your vacation, seeing themselves working out with our trainers, or generally associating with the personas portrayed is of primary importance.

Summarizing the previous point, we needed to leverage all of the technologies in our program to our benefit and not to our demise. With an evolving program it’s all to often the case where something is added here, and added there, resulting in less connected experiences – this we viewed an opportunity formed from an existing obstacle.

After the final conversations amongst all parties we felt like the path to success was clear and that the obstacles and goals were clearly identified to gauge the efforts upon launch.


5x improvement in conversion rate | unmeasurable sales team feedback about the daily efficiency of managing leads and being able to find the real value | reduction in cost per lead by 50% | decrease in time from inquiry to booking | 50%+ increase in monthly booked revenues

50% increase in revenues
50% reduction in cost per lead

As with most PPC acquisition efforts, there’s no true finish line, but an ongoing focus on improvement to cost and quality.

“My experience in working with T33 has been great, my firm has been working with them now for nearly 10 years. I always feel like they truly care about our success and the relationship has always felt more like a business partner vs an agency relationship. Extremely sharp group in tune with the quickly evolving digital space!”
- Chris Butt // Managing Partner Premier Fitness Camp
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