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Challenged Athletes Foundation

Google Ad Grant Growth For CAF

The Challenged Athletes Foundation, established in 1997, assists, supports and provides opportunities to people with physical challenges so that they can lead active lifestyles and compete in athletic events.

Campaign goals and objectives

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the Challenged Athletes Foundation was in need of a partner to structure and manage its Google Ad Grant campaign within the Google Ads platform. The baseline goal was to create the maximum amount of relevant exposure we could while reinforcing and building on-site conversion of the traffic acquired through the program.

Strategic summary

Considering Google’s Ad Grant program requirements and the many guidelines that you must adhere to for compliance, we built our approach around a wide net of targeting to maximize the amount of coverage possible, capturing both brand and non-brand queries, and while new content was developed.


Since the beginning of our management, we’ve been able to acquire over $250k worth of new web visitors, with nearly 100k new people coming to the site. In addition to the awareness, our campaigns have generated over $50k in donations, along with more than 3,000 additional goal completions of event registrations, newsletter signups, and inquiries.

250k web vistors
$50K in donations

While many milestones have been achieved with the Google Grant program, the efforts are never entirely finished as we continue expanding our reach and value created through the account. 

“Tower33 has been a great partner to work with. They've been a true asset to expanding the reach of our Google Ad Grant, while more broadly helping with tracking, and overall web strategy to increase web conversions.”
- Jenna McCrory // Marketing Manager Challenged Athletes Foundation
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