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Tower33 Named San Diego’s ‘Marketing Employer of the Year’

The Encinitas-based, digital marketing agency took home the SDX award at this year’s Brand Diego Awards.

Encinitas, CA– October 30, 2015– Tower33 Digital Agency, a digital marketing agency founded by Anthony Miller, Tony Rindsberg and Gary Ware, just celebrated their first anniversary. To top off their anniversary celebration, they were rewarded with the title of San Diego’s Marketing Employer of the Year.

This year marked the third annual SDX Brand Diego Awards which honor San Diego agencies, companies and individuals who have made an infectious and memorable influence in the world of marketing, advertising and branding. SDX, formerly known as the San Diego Ad Club, is San Diego’s premier organization dedicated to providing education, advocacy and networking opportunities to support the local advertising and marketing community as a local chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Tower33 was chosen among several contestants by a panel of industry experts who were “really impressed with Tower33’s dedication to the development and well-being of its employees.”

According to Founding Partner and CEO, Anthony Miller, Tower33 Digital Agency functions according to the mantra, “Do Good. Be Great.” This is supported by the concept that providing experts with a creative work environment, opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and happiness as a core initiative, great work and good days will be the result. The Tower33 team fits perfectly alongside their coastal home, featuring a loft style office that places an emphasis on team-building exercises, creativity-inducing outings, and a work-life balance. With a space ornamented with surf and skateboards, greenery and Tower33 teal, the environment is created with collaboration and community at it’s core.

Above all, the goal of Tower33 is to make all team members feel respected and appreciated. To accomplish this, they have implemented dozens of innovative policies including: an unlimited vacation policy (a symbol of trust so team members can manage their own workload and schedule); a welcome technology kit for every employee including an iPhone 6+, MacBook Air, and noise-canceling headphones; a gym/health membership; full health insurance benefits; and professional development opportunities both as a student and as a presenter. Catching the attention of the judges, “The tech kit and unlimited vacation policy are fantastic ways to cater to the well-being of their employees,” they noted.

Best of all, “Siesta Friday” is a policy specific to this agency where employees are given 2 hours each Friday to decompress. This time can be spent however the employee sees fit, but being a stone’s throw from Beacon’s Beach, “board meetings” usually take the cake. Tower33 represents a modern outlook on agency life that promotes creativity and growth, and they plan to continue on their journey of happy employees and top-notch performance.

To keep up with Tower33’s latest projects, industry advice, and office culture, follow them on Facebook at Tower33 Digital, Inc, and Twitter/Instagram at @Tower33Digital.