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Tower33 Cleans Beacon’s Beach on #CoastalCleanupDay

September 17, 2016 was Surfrider’s International #CoastalCleanupDay and Tower33 just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang at the beach. As Beacon’s Beach is our adopted beach, it only made sense that we help participate and promote clean coastlines.

Part of the commitment we made when adopting Beacon’s is to host three annual cleanup events to ensure our beaches stay pristine and clean for future generations to enjoy.

This past Saturday, for #CoastalCleanupDay, Tower33 joined forces with I Love a Clean San Diego to scour Beacon’s for trash. Dozens of bucket wielding volunteers headed down to the beach to pick up everything from plastic bags to cigarette butts and pieces of plastic and glass.


We value the health of our oceans, and recognize the impact our trash can make to marine ecosystems. #CoastalCleanupDay’s combined efforts collected an estimated 75 tons of trash across 114 different clean up locations!

Remember to do your part, every day at the beach is an opportunity to save the beach and oceans from more trash.


Take a few easy steps to help contribute to healthy oceans by:

1. Before you leave the beach, look around your area for anything that may have fallen out of a bag.
2. Don’t smoke at the beach!
3. Bring reusable water bottles instead of plastic.
4. Pickup trash as you’re walking to your post-up spot — even small pieces can have a big effect on our wildlife.
5. Teach your kids to do all of the above and we’ll continue to be able to enjoy our beaches for years to come.

Stay tuned for our next beach cleanup, and until then, keep our coast clean!

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