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Location Optimization for Increased Visitation

With the first restaurant opening in 1982, Islands Restaurants has grown in reach and popularity since. It’s no wonder as to why, Island’s specializes in gourmet burgers, cold beers, fresh cut fries, tropical drinks and great happy hour deals.

Increase location visitation through localized search

With so many “now moments” for food and restaurants beginning with a search, we knew it was imperative to have consistent and formatted directory coverage across the 55 locations throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii. Measurable goals were set to monitor growth of profile visibility, search traffic and keyword rankings for the site.


Consistent definitions, and organization

With 55 locations and various stakeholders in the process, we planned and expected many conversations through iterations related to a common store reference that could be applied and used across all locations.

In addition to definition consistency and agreement were the organizational considerations. Anytime there are so many moving elements of information for review and approval, then multiply that information by 55, it can become confusing or hard to track if not properly illustrated.

Our approach

While many local setup efforts will utilize manual outreach, we needed to gain more efficiency for time considerations so we opted to use a distribution service to support the updates at scale across all of our locations.

After confirming all business information, outlining all elements of consistency, these updates were pushed out through Facebook Pages, Google Business pages, and a handful of additional directories using a mix of automation and manual intervention when and where needed.



As a result of the project, and within less than 60 days, our average directory listing scores were improved, our listing reach increased, and consistently over time we’ve seen keyword rankings and site traffic dramatically improve.

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