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Del Mar Opening Day

Recently, the Tower33 team headed to Opening Day at the Del Mar Fairgrounds compliments of our friends at Quantcast. As soon as we arrived, you could sense the excitement that filled the air. Everyone’s eyes were wandering to find the most fascinating and creative hats. Some hats were so big, you were slightly concerned for the person’s neck who was wearing it.

Some may argue what the true point of entertainment is at derbies: the horse races or the incredible creativity put into Derby Fashion. For the Tower33 team, we’d go with the horses. In part, there is a certain kind of elegance and so much history these animals hold.  When it comes to betting on them, it’s like trading players in a fantasy sports league. There is this beautiful and complicated strategy to really master the art of betting on horses. Everything from past performances, the build of the horse, and even the family’s reputation who owns the horse matters. If you want to learn to play with true strategy, you don’t sit closer to the track, instead you go to the back, find a cocktail room and hit up the fabulous ladies and their husbands in the corner. Those are the ones that will teach you true strategy. But for us, we relied more on luck and, sometimes, which horses’ names were more fun to yell. Whether we were trying to play based on stats or betting blindly for the fun of it, we had a blast at the races, and we extend a big thanks to the Quantcast team for hosting us!