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Splash-Proof Pouches For All Of Life’s Adventures

Meet ALOHA Collection, a lifestyle brand that makes splash-proof pouches for all of life’s adventures. ALOHA’s products are made with 100% coated tyvek, a super-lightweight, durable, and waterproof material, making the bags very useful in a number of not so dry scenarios. Maybe you need somewhere to store your damp yoga clothes or are just trying to keep your essentials dry poolside; ALOHA’s pouches got you covered.

The team at ALOHA wasn’t satisfied with the results of their paid social advertising, so they approached us to help them quickly improve performance.

Improving ROAS, and Driving Email Subscribers

Being an eCommerce Brand, the goal of the program was simple; drive 2x return or better on Ad Spend (ROAS), and build the email list to 20k subscribers while doing so. To develop a solid strategy to ensure the success of the program we started with a deep dive analysis of the account. During the account audit we benchmarked previous performance, reviewed competition, and identified opportunity for growth.


How to Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

If you browse your Facebook feed on any given day you will see an array of advertisers selling merchandise of all sorts from clothing to accessories. If ALOHA Collection wanted to be successful we would need to help them position the benefits of their products in a way that will allow their ideal clients to imagine themselves using the product.

Our Approach

Our strategy hinged around the concept of showing the right ad to the right person at the right time. Below is the strategy we applied.

  • Leveraged Facebook’s custom audience tool to create look-a-like segments based off of the profile of previous purchasers, subscribers, page likers, and site visitors
  • Incentivised new users to join the newsletter by offering a 20% discount off of their first purchase
  • Have different success metrics by purchase stage (Prospecting / Remarketing) to ensure we are not cutting off the top of the funnel
  • Create ads that mixed ALOHA Collection’s brand style with the functionality of the splash-proof bag
  • Gradually scale budget as we gained success


Through our strategic approach and campaign optimization we managed to drive 395% gains in monthly revenue compared to the original benchmark within three months of taking over the program. This resulted in a 30% drop in cost per purchase, a 33% increase in conversion rate, and a 20% increase in ROAS.

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