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686 Technical Snow Apparel Looks For Organic Growth

686 began in the early 90’s in Southern California, creating technical snowboarding products and apparel with the goal of pushing the boundaries of design, construction, and interaction.

Products in the technical lineup include jackets, vest, pants, base-layers, outerwear, accessories- and are available for men, women, and youth.

Drive purchases through increased organic visibility

The general targets for the effort were pretty straightforward – increase relevant targeted traffic to increase purchase activity organically to the site. There wasn’t any specific area of emphasis over another, just purely looking for improvements to global product interest and purchasing.

Crafting the ultimate brand vs non-brand approach

With any notable or highly visible brand in any industry, the challenge often becomes finding a balance between best practice and brand standards. In this instance we knew going into the project that the desired direction would need iteration to find an agreeable outcome for reinforcing the targeted optimizations.


Theme and page segmentation

Through a research process we set out to inform a waterfall approach to theming, adding top-down segmentation to allow for each page to rank for the most relevant terms with as little overlap across products and categories as possible.

Taking baseline and competitive insights, our Organic implementation covered recommendations across technical and traditional emphasis. Developing optimization and integration of technical resolutions to better position ourselves for improved search visibility.

The Results

Looking at January (a prime season month, and correlating to the timing of our implementation) compared to the following January – we saw a 2x increase in traffic resulting from a 19x increase in ranking terms and diversity. The results are attributed heavily to the theme segmentation and resolution of overlapping terms.

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